About Me

Howdy! My name is Shawn Teoh and I am a chemical engineering graduate from the University of Queensland, Australia (UQ). Currently still job hunting, hard times 😞.

So I set off on this weird path because I became addicted to programming after taking an introductory programming course during my college years. Since then programming became my hobby and I took quite a few programming electives while I was busy dealing with thermodynamics and P&IDs in UQ. Too bad there was no dual major in chemical and software engineering at that time.

Personally I like to think that I live in the console, more of a back end guy. I prefer writing command line programs because it is much faster to hack up and use. Frankly speaking, a lot of my motivation comes from being lazy (see Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, I highly recommend it). However I am aware that programs with GUIs are required to reach out to a wider user base. Therefore I am starting off by designing the front end of websites (this jekyll site uses my very own theme), and maybe mobile applications and even games in the future.

I hope you enjoyed your stay 😊, I can be contacted here (sorry for using Google Forms, putting my email out here will invite spam). Have a good one!